Understanding Credit Bureaus: Clearing Up Common Misunderstandings

Financial Literacy

You can’t get ‘blacklisted’ by a credit bureau


Many people think they can be 'blacklisted' by a credit bureau, but this is not true. Credit bureaus, including TransUnion, collect information about how people use money and pay bills. They get this data from banks, court records and companies you buy services or goods from like agricultural input suppliers, electricity or telecom providers.

This information isn’t used to blacklist anyone. It's securely stored and helps banks, shops and others decide whether to lend you money or provide services. They look at the good and bad in your financial history to make their decisions.


The role of a credit bureau


A credit bureau produces a credit report and calculates your credit score. Your credit report is like a report card that shows how well you manage your money. However, it’s still up to lenders — not credit bureaus — to decide if they’ll let you borrow money.


Your role in your credit report


It's good to check your credit report regularly. You’re entitled to a free credit report once a year. If you find something wrong in your credit report, you can ask the credit bureau to fix it. TransUnion makes it easy to raise a concern and correct any mistakes. You can learn how here.


Keep your finances healthy


  • Check your credit report for mistakes
  • Understand all parts of credit agreements
  • Always pay at least the minimum each month — more if you can


Let TransUnion help


TransUnion wants to give everyone a fair chance to get the credit they deserve and manage their finances well. We deliver a robust picture of your financial behaviours so you're reliably represented in the credit world. We also provide resources to support you in better understanding and taking care of your credit so you can achieve great things. We call this Information for Good®.


How to contact us


Your TransUnion Zambia credit bureau provides services to help understand and improve credit scores. You can get your free credit report or resolve queries by calling TransUnion Zambia at 260211234760, 260211220536 and 0955985307 or by emailing CustomerCareZM@transunion.com. For in-person help, our office is on the 5th Floor of Sun Share Tower, Plot No. 15584/1, Katima Mulilo Road, Olympia, Lusaka, Zambia.

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