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Up-to the minute consumer information for quick, automated decisioning on short-term, small-ticket loans.

Helping lenders with quick, automated decision-making

CreditPulse enables instant lending decisions for short-term micro-loans across multiple digital platforms

CreditPulse Output

Your CreditPulse output enhances affordability assessments by including:

  • Adverse information and payment behaviour variables
  • Balances and instalment amounts
  • Identity and demographic information

Platform-agnostic, country-specific insights

Exclusively available in Kenya, Rwanda and Zambia, CreditPulse helps lenders go through vast amounts of data in no time, on their platform of choice, to make better credit decisions for short-term micro loans.

Up-to-the-minute aggregated consumer data

By offering aggregations at different levels of the consumer’s credit information, CreditPulse provides a quick, fit-for-purpose read of the consumer’s credit history and current credit status while keeping payloads to a minimum.

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