Consumer Profile and Credit Report

Manage business risk more effectively with reliable, relevant consumer information at your fingertips

Manage risk exposure more effectively using insights into consumers’ behaviour and credit

With TransUnion’s Consumer Profile/Credit Report, you’re able to gain a broader and deeper view of consumers’s behaviour. This information can help you target the right prospects and customers, make better lending decisions and manage portfolio risk more effectively. A powerful combination of enriched data, credit and financial performance trends and behaviours provides you with insights across the consumer credit lifecycle. With a more holistic view of a consumer’s financial performance, you’re able to make effective marketing, risk and collections decisions that support business growth.


TransUnion’s Consumer Profile/Credit Report enables more effective risk management by providing insights into consumers’ credit information and behaviour

Consumer Profile for Acquisition

Use consumer insights to deliver the right offer to the right audience through the right channel.

Consumer Profile for Account Management

With access to additional dimensions of consumer behaviour over time, you’re able to make more confident, informed marketing and line management decisions, and develop more accurate treatment strategies.

Consumer Profile for Recovery

Optimise your recovery efforts by identifying which consumers are unable or least likely to pay, and which may yield the highest recoveries..


Identify potential consumers in line with your risk strategies

Gain access to in-depth, up-to-date reports backed by industry-leading data and analytics

Optimise growth while minimising risk

Make informed decisions with a comprehensive view of consumers

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