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Acquire new customers safely and increase your profitability

Application fraud is on the rise and can have a significant impact on your revenue and profit margins. The TransUnion Fraud Prevention Model provides a fast, consistent way to flag potentially fraudulent applications—which means you can do away with time-consuming, manual (and error-prone) processes for screening applicants.

TransUnion’s Fraud Prevention Model is available in Botswana, Namibia and Swaziland.

Use the Fraud Prevention Model to stay ahead of the latest fraud trends

Customisable and adaptive

Application fraud tactics are always changing. TransUnion’s analytics team is up to speed with these trends, and adapts the Fraud Prevention Model to help you adapt quickly, optimise resources and identify potential fraud cases.

Automate and streamline the fraud vetting processes

You can automatically screen and rate applications using a range of proprietary databases, such as mobile data, handset data and data from the shared fraud database. The model not only categorises applications into risk bands and provides a risk rating, but also includes detailed rules and explanations of any anomalies found in the application data.

Product Highlights
  • Significantly improve fraud detection rates

  • Mitigate risk and reduce fraud losses

  • Prioritise referrals and improve customer relationship management

  • Reduce time spent on screening applicants

  • Automate processes for investigation and detection

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