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Botswana Q2 2023 Consumer Pulse Study

Botswana Q2 2023 Consumer Pulse Study

The Q2 Botswana Consumer Pulse Study reported significant variations in household incomes as 37% of respondents experienced an increase, 25% faced a decline and 38% reported no change. Despite these differences, 75% expected their incomes to rise in the next 12 months. Over a third (34%) worried about meeting their financial obligations and one-third planned to acquire new or refinance existing credit. 

Notably, 41% considered but ultimately abandoned credit applications due to fear of rejection, the perceived high cost of credit or finding alternative sources. Most (94%) recognised the importance of credit, but only 43% regularly monitored their credit reports.

With 49% conducting 26%–100% of transactions online, digital fraud concerns remained high; 94% were concerned about sharing personal data — including fears of identity theft and privacy invasion; and 64% reported being targeted in the last three months with another 8% being targeted and becoming victims. 

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