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Fraud Alerts

Reliable, real-time notifications.

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Fraud Alerts features

Here’s what you can do with Fraud Alerts.

Leveraging diverse and robust data, Fraud Alerts flag identity anomalies and deliver a risk score — helping you determine whom to trust — along with preemptive follow-up strategies for preventing future fraud.

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Comprehensive global datasets

Our proactive fraud and risk alerts are built on credit, public and device data. TransUnion proudly stewards these rich global datasets with care.

Total customer lifecycle coverage

Be alerted to any suspicious transactions, data anomalies and more throughout the customer lifecycle — from application to onboarding to ongoing account management.

Advanced detection

Advanced fraud alerts detect invalid or unverifiable identity numbers, application velocity, identity behavioural anomalies, synthetic fraud, relational anomalies, unverifiable identities and more.

Regulatory compliance

Limit your company's fraud exposure by pinpointing high-risk and potentially fraudulent consumer identity data — all while supporting your compliance with know-your-customer (KYC) regulations.

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