Don't Get Scammed This Black Friday: TransUnion Kenya's Tips for Trusted Online Shopping

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As the year inches closer to its end, Kenyan consumers eagerly mark their calendars for one of the most anticipated shopping events: Black Friday. Known for its unbeatable deals and jaw-dropping discounts, the Black Friday shopping extravaganza sets the tone for the holiday season.

The dark side

However, while you're hunting the best discounts, cybercriminals are hunting their next prey. The TransUnion Omnichannel Fraud in H1 2023 infographic revealed 5.3% of global digital transactions were potentially fraudulent in 2022, which may not sound like much, but with the surge in online shopping, the risks are climbing.

Kenya's digital fraud skyrockets

In Kenya, we’ve seen a 3.7% increase in the overall rate of suspected digital fraud attempts in the first six months of the year, with the largest increase (9.3%) in the retail sector

Tips for secure online shopping

As we countdown to November 24 — with your wallet, personal data and peace of mind at stake — here’s how you can keep your financial health intact.

1: Verify the website

Before entering credit card details, make sure the website you're using is secure by checking the URL starts with 'https' instead of just 'http.' The 's' at the end means your data is encrypted.

2: Be sceptical of unreal deals

If an offer seems too good to be true — think twice. Unreal deals are often bait used by cybercriminals to hook you in.

3: Use secure payment options

Trusted websites usually offer multiple secure payment options like credit cards or established ewallet services. Avoid websites that only offer less secure methods like direct bank transfers or cash on delivery.

4: Be cautious with personal information

Never give out more information than necessary to make a purchase. Providing too much personal information can make you a target for identity theft.

5: Check your statements regularly

Regularly check your financial statements for unauthorised or suspicious activity. If you spot anything odd, report it to your financial service provider immediately.

6: Beware of email and online scams

Emails promising huge discounts or urgent action needed on a "compromised" account are often phishing attempts. Check for typos or strange email addresses, and never click links or download attachments from unknown sources.

7: Dial down on phone call or text messaging fraud

If you receive unsolicited calls or texts demanding immediate action — like verifying your account details — always identify the caller before sharing any personal information.

What to do if you fall victim to digital fraud

  1. Contact your lender: If you suspect you've been defrauded, freeze your account or reverse unauthorised transactions
  2. Change passwords: Update passwords for any accounts that may be compromised
  3. Enable two-factor authentication: This adds an extra layer of security and is advisable for all important accounts

Reporting the crime

You can report digital fraud to the Kenya Computer Incident Response Team via their online reporting portal or you can email.

Play your role in the fight against digital fraud

Black Friday offers many opportunities to save big, but it also opens the door to risks that can cost you dearly. By being vigilant and staying informed, you can help protect yourself. And remember, you’re not alone. TransUnion Kenya offers a range of products and services to protect your identity and financial well-being any day of the week — including this Black Friday.

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