Accurate information about your credit

TransUnion Nipashe

Text your name to 21272 to check your credit status. Text your name to 21272 to check your credit status.
Why do I need to check my credit status?
In order to increase the chances of being approved for a loan it is recommended that you check your credit status before and get your financial affairs in order.
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How does credit work

If you pay your loans back on time it affects your credit profile positively.

late or miss payment

If you pay late or miss payments it affects your credit profile negatively.

How can TransUnion Nipashe help you?

TransUnion Nipashe also offers the following to help you get your finances in order:

Credit Report

A credit report will tell you why your credit status is in default or good standing.

Clearance Certificate

Once you've settled your debts, the clearance certificate proves that your credit status is good and that all your debts have in fact been settled.

SMS Alerts

TransUnion Nipashe will send you an instant SMS alert when there is activity on your credit profile.

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