Kenya Market Analytics Report Q4 2023

In-depth analysis of the trends, behaviours and opportunities shaping the future of lending.

Kenya Market Analytics Report Q4 2023 offers an in-depth analysis of the trends, behaviours and opportunities shaping the future of lending.

Understand the macroeconomic indicators affecting the credit market — including GDP growth, inflation and currency trends — and learn how these factors influenced consumer and business lending behaviours.

Dive into detailed analyses of different credit products from mobile loans to high-value overdrafts, and discover shifting patterns in consumer borrowing and repayment.

Unpack Millennial borrowing habits and preferences to help tailor your products and marketing strategies effectively to this significant credit cohort.

Get an overview of the competitive landscape with insights into the banking, FinTech, microfinance and SACCO sectors to identify potential areas for growth and innovation.

Report highlights include:

  • Mobile loans continued to dominate the market but showed a cautious trend in borrowing and lending behaviours amidst evolving economic conditions
  • High-value overdrafts average quarterly limits increased, indicating a market shift toward larger borrowing amounts for qualified individuals
  • The banking sector maintained its stronghold with the highest loan balances, while FinTech, microfinance and SACCOs revealed a diverse and adaptive credit ecosystem

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