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Improve customer experience and better control acquisition costs through efficient processing when lending on short-term, small-ticket facilities

The credit landscape is changing. An increasing number of consumers need short-term liquidity to smooth over income and expenditure fluctuations, prompting them to move to real-time lending products — often from digital disruptors who promise faster turnaround times and better customer experience than traditional lenders

Considering the growing number of Internet subscriptions and mobile money usage in Zambia, there is a huge opportunity for digital, real-time lending and a chance for early adopters to set themselves apart from competitors and strengthen customer relationships.

While lenders need real-time, up-to-the-minute credit information for risk assessment for instant lending on these short-term facilities, the need to process large amounts of data for risk assessment for small-dollar loans results in inefficient processes, longer turnaround times and frustrated applicants.

Helping lenders with quick, automated decision-making
Exclusively available in Zambia, CreditPulse helps lenders avoid the need to go through vast amounts of data when performing risk assessments to make credit decisions for short term micro-loans.
By offering aggregations at different levels of the consumer’s credit information, CreditPulse helps lenders:

  • Accurately risk profile a short-term, small-ticket loan applicant
  • Make the right offer, to the right customer at the right terms
  • Increase efficiency
  • Provide a better customer experience
  • Maintain greater control over acquisition costs

CreditPulse provides a quick, fit-for-purpose read of the consumer’s credit history and current credit status while keeping payloads to a minimum.

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